Due to the COVID-19 “Coronavirus” outbreak the Minnesota Dental Board, Minnesota Dental Association, and American Dental Association have strongly recommended dental offices postpone non-urgent appointments for two weeks starting Tuesday March 17th. During these next few weeks if you have a dental emergency please call our office.  We will have a staff member available during most of our normal business hours and are able to treat emergencies for patients who are asymptomatic and who have not been in contact with people with symptoms. Thank you for understanding.
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When should I bring my child in for their first appointment?

children's dentistry | rochester mnThe American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends having your child visit a dentist six months after your child has their first tooth or by their first birthday. The first visit is important for both examining your child’s mouth and talking about how to start good oral hygiene habits for your child. We have found if visiting the dentist at a young age has become routine for them when they reach the ages of 3 to 5, they are much more cooperative because they know there is nothing to be afraid of. Our entire clinical team has a tremendous amount of experience working with children and enjoys helping build your child’s confidence to sit through a dental appointment. 

At your child’s first appointment, Dr. Jarrett and her team will make sure to provide a positive experience. For children that are under 2 years old, we may only do a lap exam, where you hold your child in your lap facing you and lean their head back, allowing Dr. Jarrett to examine their mouth and apply fluoride varnish when necessary. For older children, our goal is to have them sit in the chair by themselves and let our team polish their teeth. We will build onto each visit and soon your child may even be excited to visit our office so they can lay back and watch a movie while getting their teeth cleaned.

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