Cleanings and Exams in Rochester, MN

teeth cleaning | dental exam | rochester mnOur team at Quarry Hill Family Dental believes in the importance of regular exams and cleanings.  These preventative treatments will not only help you have good oral health, but they will also help catch any issues early before it causes you pain.  Our team strives to be a resource to you for all your oral health needs. 

New Patient Exams

As a new patient in our Rochester dental office, the team will perform a comprehensive dental exam. It is important for us to gather a full view of your mouth to be able to provide the best treatment recommendations.

The exam will begin with a team member talking to you about your dental history and any dental concerns. For many new patients, x-rays will need to be updated. We need to have up to date x-rays so if there are cavities between the teeth they can be detected. If any treatment is needed, Dr. Jarrett will discuss why she recommends it and what options are possible.

Cleaning Appointments

Seeing one of our hygienists on a regular basis for cleanings will help control any tartar buildup in your mouth. Tartar is plaque that has built up and hardened over time. Once plaque has turned to tartar,it can only be removed by a dental professional scaling your teeth. It is best for your oral health to remove tartar frequently because it can cause cavities and gum disease. 

At the conclusion of each cleaning appointment, our team will point out any areas of your mouth that need special attention between visits. By helping you focus on these “watch” areas, you may be able to help prevent cavities from forming.   

Existing Patient Exams

teeth cleaning | dental exams | rochester mnGetting frequent dental exams is important for several reasons. During your exam, Dr. Jarrett will examine every tooth and address any concerns you may have. She will discuss if any “watch” areas are progressing towards cavities and need to be addressed. Another critical part of each exam is when Dr. Jarrett performs your oral cancer screening. Your oral health can greatly impact your overall physical health. 

Digital X-Rays

Today’s digital x-rays provide a higher quality x-ray at a lower dose of radiation than film x-rays. Both of these improvements help keep your overall health in mind. With higher quality x-rays, Dr. Jarrett can diagnose cavities at their earliest stage. By treating a cavity early, we can help keep you out of pain and save as much of your tooth structure as possible.  

Intra-Oral Camera

This simple and small piece of technology allows our team to show you what they see. A team member will take pictures of any areas of concern within your mouth and then use a large monitor in the treatment room to display the photos.

By showing you a real image, it is much easier for our team to explain what is happening with a tooth. We then save each image into your chart. This is important because we are also able to document and compare how a tooth is progressing over time.

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