Emergency Dentistry in Rochester, MN

emergency dentistry | same day treatment | rochester mnTooth pain is one of the most uncomfortable types of pain. At Quarry Hill Family Dental,  our team understands this, and whether you are a new or existing patient, we try to find a time to fit you into the schedule the same day. Dr. Jarrett will evaluate what is causing you pain or discomfort and discuss the different treatment options. Many times the treatment can be started and completed that same day!

Same Day Treatment

After you are seated in a treatment room, a team member will start gathering information about what is causing your pain. Once the specific tooth or area of pain is narrowed down, an x-ray can be used to help evaluate the overall health and viability of the tooth. Dr. Jarrett will discuss with you what is specifically causing your pain and what treatment options you have to relieve this pain.     

After we decide the best treatment option together, Dr. Jarrett can often start the same day. During treatment, you will be able to lay back and watch TV or listen to your favorite music. If treatment cannot be finished the same day, Dr. Jarrett will always get your tooth in stable condition and out of pain before you leave our office.  

Infected Tooth

At the point you believe your tooth has become infected, it is very important to contact our team right away. After an infection begins, the only way to permanently remove it from your body is through an extraction or root canal.  

If a root canal is the best option, and we can’t finish treatment that day, Dr. Jarrett can perform a procedure called a pulpal debridement. This will often immediately relieve the pain caused by your infected tooth and allow the root canal to be completed within the next few days.

If your tooth is unable to be restored and instead needs to be extracted, Dr. Jarrett will ensure that you have a comfortable experience. When having your tooth extracted, she numbs the tooth and surrounding area so you won’t feel any sharp pain. You will feel pressure and may hear sounds, but you can distract yourself by watching our overhead TVs. Nitrous oxide is available if you feel this would help provide a better experience for you.

Emergency Situations

My tooth was knocked out - If your tooth becomes completely dislodged you have two options.  

  1. If you feel comfortable replacing it, first rinse the root under cold water and DO NOT scrub it. Then immediately insert your tooth back into place and call our office so we can arrange to see you.
  2. If you do not feel comfortable replacing the tooth, immediately place it in cold milk or water.   The sooner the tooth is replaced, the better possibility it will heal, so please call our office so we can see you right away.

emergency dentistry | rochester mnThe area around my tooth is starting to swell - When the area around your tooth starts to swell, this means an infection has developed. It is important to contact our office immediately because without treatment the infection will only get worse.  An untreated infection can cause you to need emergency hospital care where they may require you to spend several days in the hospital to receive antibiotics.

My neck is swollen and I am having a difficult time breathing - If you are ever having a difficult time breathing please contact 911 immediately. At this point, the infection needs to be treated by emergency services before you come to our office.

My tooth is chipped or fractured - When a tooth chips or fractures during normal daily eating, it is often caused by decay or wear. It may be sensitive to hot, cold, and pressure. Avoid eating and drinking on this side of the mouth. Call our office so Dr. Jarrett can evaluate your tooth and provide treatment. 

Please Call to Get the Relief You Need

If you are in pain and looking for emergency dental treatment in Rochester, MN, please call Quarry Hill Family Dental, and we will arrange to see you as soon as possible, probably the same day.