Crowns and Bridges in Rochester, MN

When you have a tooth that needs a crown or you are looking to replace a missing tooth with a bridge, it is important to find a team you can trust and that stands behind their work. At Quarry Hill Family Dental, our Rochester, MN dentist Dr. Molly Noser Jarrett provides the very best care available to our dental patients. Dr. Noser Jarrett uses the best materials, works with a high-quality local lab, and gives each patient individual attention to provide beautiful crowns and crown | dental bridge | rochester mn

If you are searching for a dental office to treat your damaged teeth with crowns and bridges in the Rochester, MN area, look no further than Quarry Hill Family Dental. In the paragraphs below, we will talk more about dental crowns and bridges and answer some common questions you may have. Once you are ready to make a dental appointment, we encourage you to call us at (507) 216-9891.

Common Reasons a Tooth Needs a Crown

Thanks to their enamel, teeth are very strong. Sadly, even strong teeth can become damaged due to trauma or simply being worn down over time. When teeth become compromised, they need to be reinforced to avoid further damage to the area as well as to avoid damage to the surrounding teeth. One of the best ways to do this is through a dental crown.

 Below, we look more closely at several common reasons a tooth may need a dental crown:

Cracked Tooth: When a tooth has a crack in it, it is very important to have a crown put on as soon as possible. The crown strengthens the tooth and helps prevent the crack from expanding. If a crack causes any part of the root of your tooth to break, your tooth will need to be extracted.

Our goal is to always save your natural tooth whenever possible. We will thoroughly examine your cracked tooth to determine if the tooth can be saved with a dental crown. During this exam, Dr. Noser Jarrett will often be able to show you the start of your cracked tooth by using an intra-oral camera.

Large or Recurrent Cavities: A common reason a tooth needs a crown is if it has already had one or two previous fillings completed and a new cavity has formed. When this happens, it is important to have a crown placed quickly to help protect your remaining tooth structure. By completing the crown before the cavity reaches the nerve, you have a better likelihood of not needing a root canal. If you suspect you have a large or recurrent cavity in your mouth, let our office know right away! Dr. Noser Jarrett will want to examine the area as soon as possible. 

Cosmetic: If you have worn down teeth, a rotated or misaligned tooth, large gaps between your teeth, or a misshapen tooth, crowns can be used to cosmetically enhance your smile. These small improvements can dramatically change your appearance and increase your confidence. Our team can evaluate your smile and discuss what kind of cosmetic options can be completed. 

Root Canal Treated: After a root canal, your tooth becomes weaker, so it is important to protect it by having a dental crown placed. The crown will strengthen your tooth and protect it from fracturing. Once we place your dental crown at our Rochester, MN dental office, your tooth should be nearly as good as new.

If you need a tooth crown in the Rochester, MN area, Quarry Hill Family Dental is here to help. Dr. Noser Jarrett is knowledgeable, skilled, and gentle, and she will always treat your smile with the care it deserves. If you would like to learn more about our dental crowns and dental bridges in Rochester, MN, call us today!

Dental Bridges

When your tooth has been extracted or is already missing, a dental bridge is a simple treatment to fill the open space. Instead of getting a dental implant that requires multiple visits over several months, a bridge can be completed at our office in two appointments over a few weeks.

Dental bridges are a great treatment option for patients who are missing one or more teeth in a concentrated area. A dental bridge involves placing crowns on the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth or teeth. The open space is then filled in with a replacement tooth that is held into place by the two crowns. A dental bridge is an excellent treatment option when the adjacent teeth could also benefit from dental crowns. If these adjacent teeth have been worn down or otherwise damaged, consider a dental bridge. 

Questions about our dental bridges in Rochester, MN? Give our front dental office staff a call today at (507) 216-9891.

Comfortable and Convenient Treatment

dental bridges | dental crowns | rochester mnWe strive to make your visit as pleasant and positive as we possibly can. Dr. Noser Jarrett believes in providing comfortable and convenient treatment to every single one of our dental patients — and that standard applies no matter what type of treatment you need. 

We understand that when you need an unexpected crown or bridge, it can be difficult to miss several hours of work. With our early morning and evening appointment times available, it is easy to fit this important treatment into your busy schedule. If for some reason our dental appointment times do not fit with your schedule, give us a call and we will do everything we can to work with your availability.

During your visit to Quarry Hill Family Dental, our team will make sure you are comfortable and that your treatment is painless. You can even enjoy watching one of our overhead TVs while Dr. Noser Jarrett completes your crown or bridge!

At our office, we work with a local Midwest lab that Dr. Noser Jarrett has used extensively for the last several years. This dental lab is so confident in the quality of their work that they have a 5-year guarantee on all tooth crowns. 

There is no need to worry about your dental crown looking odd or out of place in your mouth. Our dental lab will match your artificial crown to the rest of your teeth so that it blends right in with your smile. If you are interested in having custom shade and aesthetic matching completed by one of their technicians, this can be completed at our Rochester, MN dental office during your appointment.

Your new dental crown will be made as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we will provide you with a temporary dental crown to protect your tooth. After about two weeks, we receive the dental crown back from the lab. During this short appointment, Dr. Noser Jarrett will try the crown in your mouth. Both you and our team will check the aesthetics and functionality to make sure everyone is happy with the results. Once the crown has been evaluated, the crown will be permanently cemented on so that it stays attached to your tooth. 

Visit Our Dental Office Today 

If you would like to learn more about dental crowns and bridges at our Rochester, MN dental office, please call us to arrange a consultation with Dr. Noser Jarrett. Our friendly dental team can be reached during our business hours at (507) 216-9891. We look forward to helping you obtain the dental crowns and bridges you need!