Dentures and Partials in Rochester, MN

dentures | partial dentures | rochester mnIf you are looking to replace several missing teeth or an entire arch, call us to find out how full and partial dentures at our Rochester, MN dental office can help you get your smile back!

Dentures created today are more comfortable and better looking than you may first think. We use new materials that allow more comfortable and cosmetically pleasing options for you when getting either full and partial dentures. At Quarry Hill Family Dental, we understand how important it is for you to find an office that takes the time to listen and performs all the necessary steps to provide the best fitting denture.

Benefits of a Properly Fit Denture

  • Aesthetics – Replacing your missing teeth will allow you to smile with confidence again. A denture not only replaces the spaces in your teeth, but it also helps maintain your cheek structure. If you go too long without any teeth, your cheeks tend to droop.
  • Speech – Your teeth play an essential role in your ability to pronounce certain sounds. Even if you’re only missing a few teeth, speaking clearly can be more difficult.
  • Chewing – Being able to chew and use all your teeth when eating can have a dramatic impact on the types of food you can eat. It also helps protect your remaining teeth from being overused or misused.
  • Protect remaining teeth – Your teeth want to be in contact with one another so when you have a missing tooth it can cause other teeth to shift. By getting a denture, it gives your existing teeth something to come in contact with allowing them to maintain their current position.

Preparing for Dentures

full dentures | dentures | rochester mn After you decide to move forward with a new denture, our team will discuss what appointments will be needed to provide you with a well-fitting denture. It is through our team taking the time to explain the material options, having try-in appointments, and working together with the lab after each visit that we can provide you with the best possible fitting denture. After receiving your new denture, our team will discuss how to transition into having a denture and how to maintain it properly.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is used to replace several missing teeth on either the upper or lower arch of your mouth. The teeth can be on opposite sides of your mouth or all on one side. You may benefit from a partial denture even when only missing as few as one tooth.

It is critical to save as many of your natural teeth as long as possible. Your natural teeth will be able to support and secure the partial denture in place and provide better functionality than any full denture can.

Full Dentures

If you no longer have any teeth left on an arch or the remaining teeth need to be extracted, our team can help replace your smile. A full denture replaces all the missing teeth on your arch and is held in place by your gums. While it does not fully replace your natural teeth, it provides many benefits compared to going without any teeth.

The best option when you need a full denture is to get an implant-supported denture. Many people find this type of denture very beneficial on the lower arch where it is more difficult to get quality retention. Our team will coordinate care with a specialist who will place either two or four implants on your arch. After the implants have time to heal, our office will work with the lab to create a denture that uses the implants to provide it stability. This stability will greatly improve the functionality of your new denture.

Please Call Us to Get Started

If you’re ready to learn more about full and partial dentures and which is right for you, please call Rochester, MN dentist Dr. Jarrett who will be happy to explain your options.