Root Canal Therapy in Rochester, MN

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It's been said that tooth pain is some of the worst you can experience, and if you've ever been diagnosed with an infected or abscessed tooth, you know this to be true. The discomfort caused by an infection in your tooth can keep you awake at night, and cause issues with your normal daily activities.

The good news is that root canal therapy can eliminate your infection and immediately relieve your pain. You might be surprised to hear this since root canals are often thought to cause pain; however, the truth is that your infection causes your pain, and root canal therapy in Rochester, MN can alleviate not only your pain but also preserve your tooth.

Why does my tooth need a root canal?

While many times the direct cause may be unknown, there are several common reasons why a tooth needs a root canal:

  • Trauma or an accident
  • Decay that reaches the nerve of the tooth
  • Cracked or fractured tooth

It is essential not to delay root canal therapy, as a tooth that's infected is not going to heal on its own. In fact, if you don't treat an infection, it will cause more pain, could affect surrounding teeth and may end up resulting in tooth loss.

What happens during root canal therapy?

root canal therapy | root canals | rochester mnThe first step is to ensure your comfort during your procedure by making sure that your tooth is completely numb with a dental anesthetic. As an added bonus, the anesthetic also provides immediate relief from the pain and discomfort you're feeling from your infection.

During a root canal, Dr. Jarrett will remove the nerve and blood supply in your tooth, which will eliminate the infection. She will then place a filling material in the root of the tooth to prevent it from becoming reinfected, and seal it with a temporary filling.

Once your tooth is infection-free and has had time to heal properly, your Rochester dentist will strengthen your tooth with a permanent restoration like a crown or filling.

Does the procedure hurt?

Your comfort is our top priority at Quarry Hill Family Dental. During treatment, you can lay back and watch a movie on one of our overhead TVs or listen to your favorite music. 

If you are feeling anxious or fearful about your procedure, you also have the option to receive nitrous oxide (laughing gas) during your root canal in Rochester. Nitrous helps many patients relax and takes away any anxiety or nervousness you may be feeling. Better yet, nitrous doesn't interfere with your normal activities, and you'll be able to comfortably drive yourself home after a treatment procedure with this type of sedation.

Dr. Jarrett also uses state-of-the-art equipment to complete root canal therapy called rotary endodontic tools. Nickel-titanium is used to make rotary endodontic tools, and it's flexible and much more comfortable for our patients than the stainless steel tools used in the past. Rotary instruments are also electric, which allows Dr. Jarrett to complete the procedure more efficiently.

By using modern technology and her advanced training, Dr. Jarrett can often complete the root canal in only one visit. After the appointment, most patients experience immediate relief from any pain or sensitivity. 

What are the common symptoms?

When a tooth is infected or abscessed, there are several main symptoms you may notice:

  • Swelling around a tooth
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold that does not go away after a couple of seconds
  • Pain that interferes with sleeping or other regular activities
  • Discomfort when chewing

Contact Quarry Hill Family Dental right away if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

What are the benefits of getting root canal therapy?

Once your tooth is infected, there are two ways that we can remove the infection. Dr. Jarrett will have to extract your tooth or perform a root canal procedure. When you choose root canal therapy to treat your tooth, your dentist in Rochester will be able to help save it, so you don't have to deal with the negative consequences of having a tooth extracted such as, managing the bone loss that occurs due to a missing root or your teeth drifting because of the open space.

Root canal therapy also alleviates your painful infection, that if left untreated, could begin to affect neighboring teeth or other critical areas of your body.

My tooth doesn't hurt; do I really need a root canal?

With state-of-the-art digital x-rays, there are times when Dr. Jarrett will be able to see the beginning of an infection within a tooth before you even feel any pain or sensitivity. While the tooth may not yet hurt, the infection will likely only get worse and may soon be waking you up at night. We always recommend treating the infection before any pain begins or you experience any further damage.

Why do I need a crown after root canal therapy?

During the initial examination of the tooth, Dr. Jarrett determines and discusses what follow-up treatment may be needed. In most cases, we recommend placing a crown over the tooth to help keep the tooth healthy and protect it from cracking in the future. A crown restores your tooth, so you have the same function with eating and chewing that you relied on before your root canal.

If it is a case where the tooth only needs a simple filling, we can complete the procedure the same day as the root canal.  

Did you know that you can prevent some root canals?

There are actually many root canals that can be prevented with regular examinations every six months with Dr. Jarrett. For example, if she detects decay developing in your tooth in its early root canal | root canal therapy | rochester mnstages, she can often successfully restore the tooth with a simple dental filling. If the decay is left undiagnosed, or treatment is ignored, it will spread further into the tooth and could then reach the nerve and cause an infection.

You can be your own best advocate by being consistent about going to your six-month dental cleaning and checkups or contacting your dentist in Rochester, MN, as soon as your tooth starts to feel sensitive. Being proactive about your dental health will save you time, stress, and money by helping you avoid more invasive procedures like root canal therapy.

How can I contact your office if I need a root canal?

Are you having tooth pain? Our team at Quarry Hill Family Dental understands the importance of finding a dental office you can trust, especially if you need treatment such as a root canal. By providing comfortable root canal therapy at our dental office, Dr. Jarrett will help you get immediate relief from the tooth pain you may be experiencing.

Call our Rochester, MN dental office today at (507) 216-9891 to book your appointment with Dr. Jarrett, and don't hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing dental pain or sensitivity. Our convenient early morning or evening appointments make it easy for you to find time in your busy schedule to complete your treatment.