Crowns and Bridges

When you have a tooth that needs a crown or you are looking to replace that missing tooth with a bridge, it is important to find a team you can trust and who stands behind their work. At Quarry Hill Family Dental, Rochester, MN dentist Dr. Molly Noser Jarrett uses the best materials, works with a high-quality local lab and gives each patient individual attention to provide beautiful crowns and bridges.

Common Reasons a Tooth Needs a Crown

  • Cracked Tooth – When a tooth has a crack in it, it is very important to have a crown put on as soon as possible. The crown strengthens the tooth and helps prevent the crack from expanding. If a crack causes any part of the root of your tooth to break, your tooth will need to be extracted. During an exam, Dr. Jarrett will often be able to show you the start of your cracked tooth by using an intra-oral camera.
  • Large or Recurrent Cavities – A common reason a tooth needs a crown is if it has already had one or two previous fillings completed and a new cavity has formed. When this happens, it is important to have a crown placed quickly to help protect your remaining tooth structure. By completing the crown before the cavity reaches the nerve, you have a better likelihood of not needing a root canal.
  • Cosmetic – If you have worn down teeth, a rotated or misaligned tooth, large gaps between your teeth, or a misshapen tooth, crowns can be used to cosmetically enhance your smile. These small improvements can dramatically change your appearance and increase your confidence. Our team can evaluate and discuss what kind of cosmetic options can be completed.
  • Root Canal Treated – After a root canal, your tooth becomes weaker, so it is important to protect it by having a crown placed. The crown will strengthen your tooth and protect it from fracturing.

Dental Bridges

When your tooth is extracted or is already missing, a dental bridge is a simple treatment to fill the open space. Instead of getting a dental implant that requires multiple visits over several months, a bridge can be completed at our office in two appointments over a few weeks.

A dental bridge involves placing crowns on the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. The open space is then filled in with a replacement tooth that is held into place by the two crowns. A bridge is an excellent treatment option when the adjacent teeth could benefit from crowns

Comfortable and Convenient Treatment

When you need an unexpected crown or bridge, it can be difficult to miss several hours of work. With our early morning and evening appointment times available, it is easy to fit this important treatment into your busy schedule

During your visit, the team will make sure you are comfortable and treatment is painless. You can enjoy watching one of our overhead TVs while Dr. Jarrett completes your crown or bridge!

At our office, we work with a local Midwest lab that Dr. Jarrett has used extensively for the last several years. The lab is so confident in the quality of their work that they have a 5-year guarantee on all crowns. If you are interested in having custom shade and aesthetic matching completed by one of their technicians, this can be coordinated to be completed at our office during your appointment

After two weeks, we receive the crown back from the lab. During this short appointment, Dr. Jarrett will try the crown in. Both yourself and our team will check the aesthetics and functionality to make sure everyone is happy with the results. Once the crown has been evaluated the crown will be permanently cemented on.

Please Call to Arrange An Appointment

If you would like to learn more about dental crowns and bridges at our Rochester, MN dental office, please call us to arrange a consultation with Dr. Jarrett.