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Teeth Whitening: Is Professional Treatment Really Worth It?

July 8, 2019
Posted By: Quarry Hill Family Dental
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At Quarry Hill Family Dental, we offer professional teeth whitening to our Rochester, MN dental patients. We know firsthand the difference that a white, bright smile can make in a person’s self-confidence, which is why we have made our professional teeth bleaching widely available. 

Our patients often ask us if professional teeth whitening is really worth the investment when so many over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments are available. We believe that yes, professional teeth whitening is absolutely worth it! While it is true that you can purchase a drugstore teeth whitening kit, the results you get from these treatments are not nearly as effective. 

Professional Teeth Whitening Is Stronger and Lasts Longer

Our professional teeth whitening treatments in Rochester, MN are significantly more powerful and last much longer than store-bought alternatives. When you decide to whiten your teeth professionally, Dr. Molly Jarrett can fit your teeth for custom take-home trays. Unlike generic, one-size-fits-all whitening strips you purchase at the store, these trays allow the gel to cover the entire surface of your teeth consistently. 

We typically recommend wearing the whitening trays overnight as you sleep to allow your teeth to deeply absorb the professional teeth whitening gel. This process makes our treatment much more effective than drugstore whitening strips that are worn for only short periods of time each day. If you use your whitening trays correctly, you should see results in a matter of a few weeks.

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If you are ready to discover a more brilliant version of your smile, we invite you to learn more about our professional teeth whitening in Rochester, MN. We always recommend starting with a dental cleaning before whitening, so please call us at (507) 216-9891 to schedule your next appointment to get started.

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