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What age should my child brush their own teeth and start using fluoridated toothpaste?

children's dentistry | rochester mnIt is always a good idea to let your child brush their teeth by themselves from an early age to help develop good habits and techniques. But while this is important, it is even more critical for you to brush their teeth afterward. Developing a routine where you both take a turn brushing their teeth will help keep your child’s teeth healthy while also allowing them to gain self-confidence. Dr. Jarrett recommends continuing this until they are 7 or 8 years old to make sure all the plaque is removed. It is imperative to help your child develop good oral hygiene habits from an early age.

While family should make their own educated decision about when to use fluoridated toothpaste, Dr. Jarrett recommends and uses it on her children starting at a young age. Until your child is two years old, you can use the tiniest smear of fluoridated toothpaste. You can alternate days using fluoridated and non-fluoridated toothpaste until they get older.  

After the age of two, a very small pea-size amount is recommended. No matter your child’s age, it is crucial that you help your child avoid swallowing large amounts of any toothpaste.  So if they are old enough encourage them to spit while you brush. Or if they are unable to spit, you should wipe their mouth with a damp cloth after they brush.

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