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Why is flossing important?

One of the most difficult but essential habits to establish for many people is daily flossing. It is important to floss because a toothbrush cannot remove the plaque between your teeth. Regardless of whether you use an electric or manual toothbrush, only floss can reach these areas. This is also one of the reasons why a common place where cavities form is between your teeth where floss can't reach.  Plaque can easily “hide” there and start to develop into tartar which then leads to decay. 

Another critical reason to floss is to help maintain healthy gums. When you floss, it cleans your gums by removing the plaque and bacteria that get stuck between your gums and teeth.  If these are continually left in this area, it can cause gingivitis which is an inflammation of your gums. Gingivitis can then lead to gum disease which can have irreversible effects on your oral health.

If you have a difficult time getting yourself to floss using traditional floss, another option is to use floss picks. For many people, these make the process easier and help them clean those tough to reach areas. During your next appointment, ask one of our team members for a sample pack of floss picks to try at home!

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