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How long will a root canal treatment take?

If you had a root canal in the past, you probably remember it taking multiple appointments and perhaps a long recovery time. As with all areas of medicine, dentistry technology has advanced dramatically over the last couple of decades. With the introduction of rotary endodontics into our Rochester, MN dental office, root canals are faster and more comfortable than ever.

Rather than using small handheld files to manually clean out infected canals, rotary endodontics relies on electric handpieces with tiny flexible titanium tips to gently remove bacteria without damaging the tooth. Not only is it fast, but it’s also far more comfortable, and it takes only one appointment to complete root canal therapy in our Rochester, MN dental office.

Naturally, we make sure that you are completely numb before starting your procedure. Most people find that they feel dramatically better once we numb the tooth. It’s fairly normal to feel a little sensitive for a few days as the infection heals and swelling dissipates. In many cases, we recommend a dental crown to cover the root canal tooth to protect it from damage.

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