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My toddler doesn’t let me brush their teeth, what should I do?

From first-hand experience, Dr. Jarrett knows the difficulty you can face when trying to brush young children’s teeth. While it is not always a pleasant experience for either you or your child, it is essential to find a way to brush your child’s teeth every day to prevent cavities. When Dr. Jarrett’s oldest son started to refuse to let her brush his teeth, she quickly understood the difficulties many parents face.
If your child is old enough to talk and you can communicate with them, try to explain in simple terms what you are doing and why it is important.  You can talk about how they need to brush the “sugar bugs” off their teeth to keep them healthy.  Singing a fun song or having a goofy dance when you’re done may get them more excited and become willing to let you try.

Our team understands it can be a real struggle for children that are in the difficult 1 to 3-year-old range where communication can be a challenge. These are the times when you may just have to make them let you brush their teeth. Dr. Jarrett can talk you through how to use one of the several techniques she has learned that will safely allow you to brush their teeth.  One of Dr. Jarrett’s pediatric dental professors once said how it would be so much easier if plaque smelled like a poopy diaper. Then no matter how difficult it was to brush a child’s teeth, we would all do whatever we had to to get those teeth clean!

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