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Do you offer a tooth replacement solution when a tooth is extracted?

dental extractions | rochester mnMost of us don’t like to think about having a tooth extracted, but sometimes it is necessary for our oral and systemic health. An extraction in Rochester, MN begins with a consultation by our dentist. If you’re a good candidate for extraction, our office works hard to make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable during the process.

Reasons you may need a dental extraction include:

  • Wisdom teeth—useless back teeth that come in later than other teeth and are often troublesome
  • Overcrowding—to make way for orthodontics to straighten your smile
  • Failed root canal
  • Extreme decay
  • Extreme gum disease

Our compassionate and gentle dentist in Rochester, MN can help with tooth replacement options following your dental extraction.

Tooth replacement options include:

  • Crowns and bridges—a replacement tooth suspended between two crowns that are placed over adjacent teeth
  • Partial dentures for multiple extractions
  • A dental implant to permanently take the place of your natural tooth

If you need a dental extraction in Rochester, MN, our top dentist is here to help with that extraction and ready to provide a solution to your tooth loss.

If you have any questions about dental extractions or tooth replacement options, get in touch with our caring team today. At Quarry Hill Family Dental, we are always here for you.

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